Tandem cartridge 1:1, suitable mixing tip 684200. AT-8040 is a special acrylic adhesive that holds all Weld Mount parts on a vertical or above surface. The parts do not slide or need other installation auxiliaries. The open time of this 1:1 adhesive is approx. 12 minutes. It reaches its handling strength in approx. 45 minutes, which makes it optimal for production use. AT-8040 adhesive can be used on most metal and composite bases. The storage time of AT-8040 adhesive is six months at 20°C and 12 months in the refrigerator. The adhesive is packaged in a 50ml cartridge. More information in the product data sheet.

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684100 Adhesive Weld Mount 2-K AT-8040 50ml 1pcs 77g
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