Sustainable customer offer
Sustainable operations
Sustainable supply chain

Sustainable development

Widni Oy is part of Axel Johnson International Ab and its group-wide sustainable development plan. Sustainable development is one of the leading principles of the Group and a fundamental part of the business strategy.

Axel Johnson International's priority areas for sustainable development are the following:

Sustainable supply chain
By working closely with suppliers who meet our sustainability standards,
we move towards a sustainable supply chain.

Sustainable operations 
Through resource efficiency and highly engaged employees, we strive to achieve sustainable operations.

Sustainable customer offer 
Through our technical know-how and expertise, we provide our customers with
the most sustainable solutions to improve their sustainability performance.


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Widni Oy - what have we done for sustainable development

  • The well-being and competence of the personnel is very importance to us
    • We make an annual personnel satisfaction survey and based on the results we make a plan for what needs to be developed
    • We educate personnel in such a way that the competence is at a good level
    • We are committed to shared values by signing the Code of Ethics agreement
    • We offer the personnel benefits that support well-being like bicycles
  • Our suppliers sign a Code of Conduct agreement, with which they commit to our group's values
  • We recycle all possible 
  • We strive to reduce the consumption of paper and new packaging material
  • We strive to reduce emissions
    • Our company's cars have emission limits that get progressively stricter
    • We use electricity produced with renewable energy