Values and culture

We want our employees to feel proud of their work and to be committed to our operations. Our employees' follow the core values of the company as they work in the interactive and business-driven organization. We actively develop a culture where employee engagement plays a major role.

Over the years, our staff has accumulated significant experience in products, suppliers and the needs of various sectors. In practice, this can be seen in the way we are able to quickly offer advice, provide service and deliver functional and tailored solutions according to our customers’ wishes.

We believe that both customers and employees thrive in a culture that encourages creativity, passion, optimism and joy. This makes our customers and employees feel appreciated and energizes us to solve problems.

Our way of doing business is based on a combination of effective guidance, quality products and deep commitment. Our operating culture has made us a profitable company with satisfied customers since the founding in 1952.

This is why we are constantly striving to live up to our values.

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