Widni Oy was established in 1952. The initiative to set up a company came from the Finnish bodybuilding industry, which supported the idea of starting a specialist company and increasing the amount of customer-oriented service.

The need to develop the product range and the availability of products was great already then. The company grew slowly but surely. Its most significant customers were Finnish bus manufacturers. The destination sign devices and sun visors produced in-house formed the foundation of the product range, which was supplemented by imports.

With the retirement of the owners in 1986, Widni was bought by H. Eigenbrodt Ab, which is part of the Swedish Axel Johnson Group. At the beginning of 2016, Widni was transferred to AxDrive Ab and 2018 to Axel Johnson International Ab within the same Group. At the same time, Abkati Rotoman Oy, also part of the Axel Johnson Group, was merged into Widni Oy, and the Tallinn-based Widni Baltic Oü became a subsidiary of Widni Oy.

Widni has experienced strong growth since 1990 and is now one of the most important component suppliers for the automotive industry. The sales of industrial components have grown steadily, becoming another major area of business for the company.

The basic principle of Widni’s operations has not changed over the years. The customer- and service-oriented company aims to provide the customer with the best possible overall solution. We strive to improve our customer's competitiveness and establish a confidential, comprehensive and long-term relationship.