The S2-2 controller provides advanced positioning and control of actuators through easy and flexible integration with the application. The controller is designed to work with Bansbach easyE-line actuators in applications where positioning is required. S2-2 has adjustable start and stop ramps, which make smooth starts and stops possible.

Adjustable current limits in both directions protect the motor against overcurrent. In learning mode the number of hall pulses in a full stroke of the actuator is counted which enables accurate positioning during normal operation.

The position of the actuator is controlled by a DC voltage between 0-5 or 0-10 Volts to the S2-2.

Adjustments and parameter settings like current limit value, ramp times, speed etc. are set with S2-PROG interface unit or S2-USB “dongle” connected to a PC.


73 x 43 x 25mm
(Lenght x wide x height)
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(box version)
102 x 73 x 4mm
(Lenght x wide x height)
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(DIN- trail version
90 x 46 x 56mm
(Lenght x wide x height)
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  • S2-USB
  • S2-PROG
  • S2-Minifit-adaptor


  • Precise position control from analog voltage input
  • Adjustable start ramp
  • Adjustable stop ramp
  • Settable current limit
  • High efficiency
  • High momentary load capacity
  • DIN-rail base fittable
  • "Position reached” - signal


  • Supply voltage: 12/24VDC
  • Output voltage = supply voltage
  • Actuator current continuous max: 15A ( Ta<60°C )
  • Actuator current max. 20A (short time)
  • Current limit adj: 0,1-20A
  • Overheat limit: 100°C
  • PWM frequency: 2kHz
  • Hall input freq: Max 1kHz
  • Input control logic (pos.):
            - High=4-30V,
            - Low=0-1V or open
  • Motor and supply connectors: 2.5mm wires max
  • Control connectors: 1mm wires max
  • Dimensions: 73x43x25mm (PxLxK)
  • Weight: 75g
  • Operating temperature: -20° - 70°C
  • Idle current: 45mA